Donations and loans

Would you like to make a donation of or give something on loan to the library? The collections of Leiden University Library have mainly come into existence by means of donations and bequests from scholars and others who sympathise with the library.

Your bequests are preserved under the best possible climatological conditions and at the same time they can be made available (also digitally) to scholars, teachers and students for education and research at the university.

Material donations or loans

Should you wish to make a material donation or give something on loan you can contact the relevant subject librarian or curator. The library is always interested, but due to the limited amount of storage space and financial means to accept material, the subject librarians and curators need to apply a number of criterions to decide if we can accept:

  • Is the donation/loan a relevant addition to the existing collection?
  • Does the donation/loan fit into the collection policy of the relevant subject field?
  • What are the additional costs for the library when the donation/loan is accepted. (for instance, costs made for cleaning restauration, special storage and catalogising the material)

In case the library can accept your donationor loan, we wil record further information and agreements with you about the selection, cataloging, placing and availability. If we cannot accept your donation or loan we will advised or guide you in a suitable alternative.

Recent material donations

Examples of recent material donations and loans are:

Financial donation

If you prefer to support the library with a financial donation you can become a Vriend van de Universiteitsbibliotheek (Friend of the University Library). With your annual contribution you support the expansion and the preservation of the special collections. For a single donation or bequest you can contact the head of the library of your choice.   You can also choose to support a single (collection)item of your choice in our 'Adopt a book' programme, details of which you find below.

Adopt a book

With our 'Adopt a book' programme you can financially support a collection (item) in our special collections. If, for example, you sympathise with a specific collection because you make ample use of it, you can help to preserve this and make this available for further research. Depending on your donation you could think of sponsoring:

  • the repair of damage to an item so that the material can still be consulted in the future
  • the accessibility of a collection by making it searchable to detailed level in the catalogue
  • the digitising of a collection so that students, scholars and you can consult the collection online.
There are possibilities in this programme for as little as a few tenners to help preserving the collections for research. If you have set your mind on a specific collection (item) or like to be advised you can contact our Chief Special Collections Division without obligations.  

Last Modified: 21-12-2016