Start renovation study rooms University Library

As of May, 2012 a major renovation of the study rooms on the first and second floors of the University Library has started. News about the internal moves, relocations of collections and noise pollution will be announced on our renovation weblog.

This renovation will be carried out in 3 phases for which the affected space has been divided into 3 zones. Work will be carried out in one zone at a time, the other two will remain open to the public. To compensate the loss of study places in several places book cases will be removed to make room for additional study places .

The total turnaround time of the project will be more than a year; the aim is to finish the renovation before 2014. Each phase will take up approximately 4 to 5 months.

During the renovation the collection will remain accessible as much as possible. Each time, temporarily, part of the books will be placed in the North Hall.

May 21 we will start with the collections from the following study rooms: Dutch language, Slavonic languages, History, Library Sciences, Media Studies, Religious Studies, Philosophy, History of Science, Archaeology and Art History. These collections will then be moved to the North Hall. The part of the study rooms concerned will then be closed to the public.

The carrels which are located in those study rooms will not be available during the renovation.

In so far as necessary, the moved books will be put back in the part of the study room which will have been renovated by then at the end of December.

Phase 2 will start January 2013 and in May 2013 the last phase of this huge renovation project will commence. Expectations are that the whole renovation will be finished by the autumn of 2013.

Last Modified: 21-08-2012